Sunday, May 4, 2014

Submission Call: MISUNDERSTOOD: An Anthology for those Hiding Behind a Mask of Hope

Submission Guidelines for MISUNDERSTOOD: An Anthology for those Hiding Behind a Mask of Hope

Immortal Gaze Press is proud to announce its inaugural CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS.

We invite you to submit a story for consideration! Original stories only please. NO reprints, duplicate or simultaneous submissions. We also welcome artwork for this anthology. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE YOUR OWN, AND CANNOT BREAK COPYRIGHT RULES.

Publication Date: TBD

Open Period for Submissions: March 29, 2014 - May 31, 2014. Any submissions emailed before or after set call dates will not be considered.

Project Title: MISUNDERSTOOD: An Anthology for those Hiding Behind a Mask of Hope

Subject/Theme: Open concept revolving around the struggles that pre-teens through young adults experience. This can include peer-pressure, self-harm, addictions, self-doubt, low self-esteem, inflictions of sadness and pain, and any other stigma that might set us apart from what we know perceive as the norm.
Manuscript Format: 12 pt Times New Roman; double-spaced; formatted tabs with 0.3 auto indent; extra line between paragraphs; pages numbered; your name/contact information/story title in header of every page.

-Flash fiction should be between 500 and 1,000 words, formatted as described above.
-Short stories should be between 1,001 and 5,000 words and formatted as described above.
-Essays will also be accepted. We would prefer they are a minimum of 750 words. Please ensure that all necessary citations are included to avoid accidental plagiarism.
-Poetry will be accepted at any length.
-If you have an original song that you would like to submit, there will be limited space for such pieces. Feel free to include original sheet music as well.
-Art must be a minimum of 300dpi and should be submitted in a standard format. If the artwork is submitted in color, please be sure it will translate to black and white for the print version of the book.

Submissions must be sent directly to Immortal Gaze Press as an email attachment. Any questions or concerns should also be directed to Immortal Gaze Press by emailing them directly to:

In your email please include your full name, title of the work you're submitting, and the final word count of your manuscript. Please use the following format for the subject Line:
MISUNDERSTOOD/Your Name/Title of Work/Type (Ex:Poetry/art/Etc)

It is expected that submissions will be fully edited and proofread prior to being sent in for consideration. ALL submissions that are accepted for publication in MISUNDERSTOOD: An Anthology for those Hiding Behind a Mask of Hope, will be subject to minor editorial corrections.

If your story is selected for publication, a contract will be provided authorizing Immortal Gaze Press to publish your submission within the anthology. The submitter will retain all rights to their works. This is a “For the Love of” project, meant for exposure only. We are currently looking into the possibility of donating proceeds to a charity, and will keep authors informed as we proceed.

Upon acceptance of your story, a brief biography will be requested, to be included at the end of the anthology. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of your publications or weblinks, just a short bio to let readers know about the contributors.

PLEASE NOTE: ANY submissions or inquiries sent anywhere other than to the email address provided above will be deleted.
Immortal Gaze Press would like to thank you for your interest, and wish each of you luck in completing your submissions.

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