Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Max Booth III's FISH: An Erotic Horror Short Story
From the moment I first loaded FISH into my Kindle app, something smelled funny.  Despite the aromatic warning, I couldn't resist continuing onward through the digital pages, ignoring my best judgment, and experiencing Max's fulfilling release of creative juices once finished. 

"When a boy, desperate for sex, finally finds a lover, he gives himself to her completely, body and soul. She will ensure that he does anything necessary to protect her, and their family..."

Honestly, I thought that this would be a mere lustful teenage love story riddled with a twist somewhere near the end.  I should have known better with an author like Mr. Booth III involved.  This is one of the most disgustingly beautiful short stories I have read in quite a while, and would recommend it to anyone with an extra 99 cents in their bank account.  Hell, charge your Kindle reader battery and shorten that electric or heat bill by a dollar.  This read is worth a month without unnecessary luxuries; the cavemen didn't need such extravagant wants, why do we?

In all seriousness, Max Booth III is a fantastic writer and well deserving of praise for his works; short and long.  His dedication to the craft of writing, and to his fans, is only equated by a select few.  Dare I say he is one of my literary heroes? (Or is that creepy and stalker-ish?)  Regardless, Max is quite talented and this short story samples his abundant talent within. 

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