Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Deep Within, by Charles Day
Deep Within, by Bram Stoker nominated author Charles Day, is a a well written tale of psychological dimensions.  I expected nothing but greatness based on what I read in The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief and The Adventures of Kyle McGerrt :  Hunt for the Ghoulish Bartender.  I was not disappointed in the least as Charles Day pulled out another instant classic.

Before I continue, I will apologize for taking so long to publish the review.  Prior to reading Deep Within I read another book that took place in a similar setting.  It was still quite fresh in my mind and I wanted to give some space in between to ensure one did not influence the other.  I am glad I did.

Although I have never met Charles Day, I have interacted with him on Social Media.  He has become somewhat of a literary hero of mine and he continues to impress me with his sincere demeanor and stand up values. I can see a lot of his personality within his writing, which brings a beautiful level of depth to his works. He puts everything he has into his work and it shows.

"When a mad psychologist decides to tap into the human mind, what he creates may be darker than anyone may ever know. As the creature begins to take physical form in our world, a group of childhood misfits set out to stop the bloodshed before all hell breaks loose."

Deep Within takes us  on a journey into the inner walls of a psyche ward.  In many books of similar themes we see the darker side of the institution.  However, Charles provides us with a delicate balance between our perception of such institutions and reality; providing us with the horrific in between.  The characters within feel real and dynamic and the situations and environment are well crafted. 

Each chapter is rather short, allowing even the busiest reader the opportunity to experience the tale in small portions and pick it up again when time allows.  I urge anyone with a love for psychological horror, emotional fear, and surprises around every corner to pick up their copy today!  Of course, after you read it, please leave a review and tell the world what you loved about Deep Within!

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