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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dale-A-Palooza: The End of an Era, a Final Goodbye

Normally I post book reviews on this blog, but I felt it fitting to post about Dale-A-Palooza here because it is the final chapter in a story that will never be recreated. 

Tonight, a celebration of life and a reunion of non -blood family took place in honor of Mr. Dale Hamel.  Dale was the kindest and most generous man that I have ever met.  He was a a giver of opportunity to those that otherwise might not have fit in.  He was a scholar in his own right, guiding others toward a path of success via the lessons he learned in life and from his own past failures.  He was a father figure to those that needed that support.  He was a friend to everyone, even those that didn't know they needed a friend.  Dale was all of these things and so much more.

Unfortunately, Dale-A-Palooza could not occur within the club that he built from nothing to the sanctuary that it had become before closing unexpectedly.  However, we were lucky enough to hold it at another location that bears the same name as the club.  The turn out and the mood was all but unknown before it began, but we knew that it would be a good time regardless. 

From the first notes that Rumble Strip played, a surreal feeling hovered over the event.  Somehow, the feeling that I was back in the club with all the regulars had returned.  The mood, the feel, the chatter, the faces, the everything was exactly like Club Landing used to be.  The feeling continued into Ultrafab's performance, then into Blammo's set, and finally int Sam Goodie's set. From beginning until the end, it was like the old days had never gone. 

Despite the familiarity, the welcoming of friends, and the heart pounding music, there was one piece missing from the complex puzzle.  Yet, in an eery way, you could tell that the piece was there, hiding in a corner, smiling from ear to ear. 

We may be closing the pages on the book of Club Landing, but honoring Dale with a night in his honor was the perfect way. 

Thank you to all that came out to experience the event.  Thank you to the Hamel's for orchestrating the event and allowing this to happen.  Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped along the way. Thank you to the bands and members of other bands that stepped in.

Most of all, thank you Dale.  You are missed, you are loved, and you are a part of everyone that attended and wanted to attend.  You touched so many people in so many ways. The era may have come to an end, but your impact is everlasting.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It Won't be much longer: Final Reverie - releasing soon!

It won't be long now until Final Reverie is released by J. Ellington Ashton Press. I cannot wait to share the adventures of Chij and Franklyn with all of you. Until then, here is a small excerpt:

“Can you imagine living your life in a box, staring at a box, and clicking little buttons that are shaped like boxes?” said Franklyn. “Not I,” said Chij. “Anyway, if all of the technology was still here I would not be having this conversation with you. I would probably be chained to a tree and drinking from a bowl.” “That is probably true, but that is how things were back then. Can you imagine the period between the demise of technology and the emergence of magic? I heard that a lot of people went crazy and few survived,” said Franklyn. They mused how the humans coped once the dust had settled, as the land renewed itself over the course of years, ushering forth a new age as the devolution caused by the now rotting machines was finally unhindered. How they managed to adjust as magic emerged too, and gained control of the land as the people readjusted their lifestyles, forcing them to rely less on their mechanical crutches. Most of all they wondered about the interaction between man and beast, as they became vocal and intellectual equals in the new world, and how they learned to rely on one another as something other than pet and master."

 This book has been in my head for quite some time.  I feared, at one point, that I would never finish it and the tale would be kept secret within my head until the end of my time.  However, I decided to see what would happen after the 2013 NaNoWriMo event.  Somehow I managed to finish the book in that time.  It was rough and missing quite a bit of detail, but the first draft was complete!  I went back through, from beginning to end, and added about 10,000 more words. I was completely ecstatic with my progress.  

As I said above, it won't be long now until Final Reverie makes its way into the hands of the fans.  I hope to start on the second book soon.  The working title is Salient Reverie and it will be be another labor of love.

Stay tuned for my toddler's book, which is being worked on now, "The ABC's of Zombie Friendship" which will also be released by JEA Press.