Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Cherub, by David C. Hayes
I became a fan of David C. Hayes when he and Mark Scioneaux teamed up on Cannibal Fat Camp.  When I saw that he was releasing a new solo book, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a read.  What I found was that his masterpiece, CHERUB, far exceeded my expectations.

From what I saw on the cover, I expected to read about a large, baby-like maniac, that murdered his victims with his bare hands.  I was definitely intrigued.  Upon reading the prologue, I was sure that I guessed correctly.  However, David's writing style drew me in, so I continued. 

As I read further into the first chapter, I was disgusted by the beast that was presented to me within the pages.  I knew that he would be the worst of the worst, with no morals, no feelings, and no clue as to the pain he would wreak upon the world.  Then I found out that I was wrong.  I found out that the "beast" that I wanted to hate so much was really one of the most loveable characters that I have ever read about.  Sure, he does some bad things in the book, but they aren't quite his fault.  Although Cherub is essentially the bad guy in portions of the book, I look at him more as the protagonist in the end. 

I won't give away the plot, nor any secrets within.  However, at the end the unexpected happened.  Maybe I was overly tired. Maybe my wife was chopping onions in the next room.  Whatever it was, I found that tears collected in my eyes, and a single refugee escaped down my cheek, splashing down upon the screen of my Moto Xoom.  As the last word was absorbed into my eye, I uttered two words under my breath. 

"Dammit, Hayes"

If you are a fan of the somewhat bizarre, the unexpected, and don't mind a few feels as you read, I overwhelmingly suggest CHERUB, by David C. Hayes.

"David C. Hayes is back with Cherub. If you are familiar with his previous work, you know what you're in for. If not, then get ready for a ride through the absolute worst in human nature. Hayes has the unique ability to convey the most sickening acts in a way that will have you laughing between retches. Once the book closes, you'll need to shower and after that you'll wonder what it says about you that Hayes managed to touch so deep and dark. You will be affected." - Kevin Moyers at He wasn't like the other boys. Too rough. Even on the day he came out of Momma's belly. When Momma died, though, they sent him away to a terrible place. A doctor place... but the people there didn't act like doctors. They called him Cherub and they made him do awful things. Wet things. Hurty things. Until he met his angel, that is. She made it better and the pain went away. For awhile. Nothing lasts forever except a mother's love."

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