Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Full Circle: Freedom's Firewall, by Alfred R. Taylor
Full Circle: Freedom's Firewall, by Alfred R. Taylor is a futuristic love story disguised as crime and mystery novel.  The twists and turns that guide you through the pages keep you on the edge of you seat, anticipating the turn of the page, and yearning for what comes next.

The characters within may be Androids, as well as some humans, but their personalities and characteristics ensure their likeability.  You really start to root for them, and sympathize as you learn more about their past.  Not since C-3PO and R2-D2 have I been so intrigued with an android character.

Don't get me wrong, although this is a love story at heart, the crime aspect has a noir-ish hint to it, reminiscent of a classic black and white film that has found its home within a future dystopian society.  The writing reflects the environment, and the world through the view of an Android, mostly John-27's.  There are some "geeky" elements within the book that might go over the head of some.  However, they are usually setting the stage for a later scene within the book, or described within the context of the current scene.

"Chaos Reigns on Amalthea. The Omega Class android is humanity's ultimate servant. These machines have the bodies of super models, and thanks to Romanji Corporation’s total synaptic transfer process, the minds of human geniuses, and they are eager to satisfy every human desire. Until Marshal John-27, an Omega Class android, leaves on a routine patrol of the Amalthea Sector. His discovery of a derelict spacecraft opens an investigation that exposes corruption within the government of Amalthea, ignites an android rebellion, and ultimately a struggle to retain the newly won freedom."

I strongly recommend Full Circle: Freedom's Firewall, as well as Alfred R. Taylor's other books.  You can find them on Amazon by clicking here.

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