Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Dead Cold, by Ed Gorman do I start with Ed Gorman's "Dead Cold: Book One in the Robert Payne Mystery Series?  Well, for starters, I can start by asking why you haven't read it yet.  If you have, why haven't you shared it with everyone you know?  Better yet, I can ask you if you are as excited as I am that this is a mystery series and not just one book?

"FBI Criminal Profiler Robert Payne just wants to find a quiet town to retire in, and New Hope, Iowa fits the bill. But when a mysterious, seductive woman offers him $25,000 to find the psychopath who brutally murdered her young daughter, he uncovers secrets the small, close-knit community has tried so desperately to keep hidden. But when his client is found on an abandoned farm with her throat cut, Payne realizes that he is facing an evil criminal mastermind who is determined to keep Payne and New Hope's beautiful police chief, Jane Avery, from standing in the way of his murderous plans."

I cannot say when I last read a book that was a part of a series, let alone the first in the series, that made me want to read more within the series.  Sure, there are those that I have enjoyed, but not enough to continue past the book that I just read.  "Dead Cold" is one of those rare books that has me wanting to tune in for more.  It is sort of like that television series that we anticipate each and every week.

From the moment we first meet Robert Payne, we are hooked on his character.  He seems to be an enigma of sorts, yet is still an everyday guy that is easy to like and root for.  He has much depth, that I hope we can explore as the series unfolds before us.

Not only do I recommend "Dead Cold" as a fantastic read, but it is also a very easy read.  I just so happened to read it during a time that I was overwhelmingly busy, but the short chapters (some as short as one page) make it the perfect "on the go" book.  Don't let the 64 chapters scare you aware, you will be disappointed in yourself for passing it by!

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