Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Review: Anything Is Possible, by Thomas Bähler
"Anything Is Possible", by Thomas Bähler, provides the reader with a glimpse into the life of a historical figure that we seldom think about unless we are telling bedtime stories to our children.  Æsop's tales have intrigued children across the world for many centuries, and teach us life lessons that we can carry with is through the journey to adulthood.  However, Æsop was not always the Philosopher that we all believe him to be.  In fact, his past was filled with much pain and turmoil, no doubt contributing to his fantastic tales.

In the book "Anything is Possible", Thomas Bähler provides us with a captivating view into the life of Æsop, beginning with his life of slavery, and carrying him forward.  Details of his life are presented to us in exquisite detail as some of his fables are presented to us through his eyes, from inception to presentation, such as "The Fox and the Grapes" is told in chapter 3.

As a writer myself, Æsop's tales are among my many inspirations from my childhood.  The tale of Æsop that Thomas Bähler has provided us gives those stories more meaning, and allows a foundation upon which to look deeper into the tales, and see how the meanings could be so much more than talking animals and children's tales.

Within the pages, we are also presented with an amazing array of artworks that were illustrated by Yulee Kim. Although minimalistic in form, the line art is fantastically integrated within the pages to present us with an imaginative view of the characters within the pages.  I must say that the illustration of Danae on page 18 is my favorite, but I might be partial since my youngest daughter's middle name is Danae. 

I recommend reading "Anything is Possible" to anyone that loves a good tale of the evolution of the little guy into something much more, or a history buff that would love to find out more about a figure that has little written about him - other than his own fables, or anyone that enjoys a good read with an intriguing lead character.

"A thought-provoking modern treasure, the life of the great philosopher and teacher Æsop is explored for the first time ever in a brilliantly crafted historical fiction.

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