Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inspirational Conversations Fueled By Hatred and Disgust

Much like the specter to the left, I find myself staring into the dark abyss of my mind, watching the iridescent hues prance within the void of my thoughts.  Sometimes I become lost within the nonsensical labyrinth of wonders and queries, yet always seem to find my way back.

Recently, I have contemplated humanity and their role in the world.  Are we really the Apex predators, or instead the buffet of the mystic?  If we are to find our throne at the summit of the food chain, why must we continue to follow prophets that preach of equality, yet subliminally divide us by social status?

Faith is not a bad concept, in fact I urge everyone to find a faith that represents their core beliefs, and use it as a crutch to make themselves a better person.  However, I would discourage upgrading the crutch to a suit of armor ready for battle.  No one wins in a one.

Recently I had a short conversation with a man terminally consumed by homophobia.  I am a happily married man with children, and have never even thought of being with another man.  The man I spoke to seemed to also be married with children.  The difference?  He used his "faith" in god to persuade others in the sins of homosexuality.  I on the other hand feel that as long as you are happy, why should it matter.  It isn't contagious, and no one is getting hurt in the process.  I teach my children to treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are.  Not to hate them for their differences.

Now, this man (who will remain unidentified) claimed that God says, in the Bible, that homosexuality is of the highest sin.  I guess Love thy neighbor doesn't apply if you disagree with their lifestyle.  Might my questioning of religious deities be enhanced by the oxymoronish ramblings of the Sheeple followers like this man?  Or should I write it off as though he is molesting his religion to the point of bending it to support his views?

Religion, as a whole, has not found comfort within my soul.  So many religions, so many views, so many contradictions  yet all claim to be Supreme to all others.  Sure, I have my beliefs and work hard to keep them within me, working in unison to guide me in the right direction.  I don't discriminate against races, lifestyle choices, the Gods you worship, or the cause you support.  I do, however, become upset when someone uses their "faith" to publicly condemn someone, or some people, because their beliefs do not match (this includes extreme atheists hellbent on proving others wrong).

If reading/writing horror has taught me anything, it is that everyone is equal when it come being consumed by evil.  No one is safe from the chainsaws, claws, chains, or butcher knives, even the devilish entity itself.  So rather than point out the differences between one another, why cannot we work together to abolish the evil that plagues our race (yes we are all Homo-sapiens) and find comfort in knowing that we are protected by another human, instead of hiding behind a religious shield?

As a society, we have become nothing more than mindless zombies strung along by the omnipotent puppeteer in the sky, tugging at those strings every chance we get to feel as though we are actually selecting our own paths.  Instead, the internal battle overcomes us as we become that which we are attempting to destroy....evil.

The man I spoke to may feel that he is spreading God's will by demonizing homosexuality, however, he has unknowingly accepted the devil in his heart, resulting in the fertilization of repugnance instead.  I don't hate that man for his ignorance to the maleficence he is cultivating , instead I pray, in my own non-religious way, that he will someday receive the purification enema that his soul craves, yet is denied by his nefariously controlled heart.

In retrospect though, I would like to thank that man for giving me an idea for another short story.  Even evil can be inspirational at times...

"The heart may be weak, and sometimes it may even give in.  But I've learned that deep down there's a light that never goes out.  I know, without a doubt, Kingdom light!"

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