Friday, March 22, 2013

Georgia Infant Killed by 10-15 year Olds...

I am beyond upset right now.

I was just reading a story on my local news web site about a 1-year old boy that was killed in his stroller, with his mother right there, by two boys between the ages of 10-15.  As a writer of horror, this is a story that I would never dream of writing, yet real life has decided to grace us with this atrocity.

The two young boys apparently approached the Mother and child as she was walking near her home.  The young boys approached her and demanded money.  She told the boys that she did not have any.  She attempted to shield her child from the guns, but one of the boys pushed her away, and shot the baby boy right in the head.  The mother was also shot in the leg.

I cannot fathom something like this happening to one of my children.  How this innocent child's Mother and Father feel, I will never know.  But I can feel anger towards the attackers, and even more so towards the parents of those attackers.

Now, there are quite a few people out there that will cry out against the gun manufacturers, the Video Game Industry, the Music Industry, and everything else that could possibly be blamed for the violence that these horrible boys initiated.  But I am upset at the parents.  Where were they?  Did they know their son's had the guns?  Did they set a good example for their children, and treat them good from bad?  If so, where did they go wrong?

You see, These boys will be caught and become wards of the system.  Whether or not they learn from their mistakes is up to them, and I hope they do.  However, if the parents (or legal guardians) did their jobs, I do not believe this would have happened.

So many children are ignored as parents live their own lives.  Children become an inconvenience.  They are an extra mouth to feed, extra baggage when they want to part, etc... too many times an unwanted responsibility.  In my opinion, if these kids are caught, then the parents should be investigated extensively for their role as parents, and be charged with murder alongside their children if they are found to be unfit and neglectful.

Let's stop blaming the guns, the video games, the music, etc...and start blaming the parents for abandoning the children under their own roofs.

I know that Guns, Games, Music, etc... have not yet been brought up as the reasons for the killing, but it is only a matter of time.

This mother and father, the were trying to do their best to raise this baby boy, only for it to be taken by two delinquents that decided to play god with his life, and they won.  This Mother will forever be haunted by what she could have done to save her baby boy.  The Father haunted by the fact that he was not there to do anything.  The Father's quote echoes in my mind, still:

"He was special, He had the bluest, biggest eyes."

I hope the attackers are found and punished appropriately...but more so, I hope the Parent/Guardians are punished accordingly for allowing their children to thrive among the violence/neglect that turned them into the little monsters that they are...

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