Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music of the Pen

An integral part of my writing ritual is music.  Music sets the mood which allows the visuals to write themselves on the page.  Without music, I honestly do not know if writing would be that easy.

Usually I rely on Pandora or Spotify to satisfy my musical needs, but tend to lean more towards Spotify.  My current playlist consist of mostly piano variations of music.  I find it much more soothing and less likely to get caught up in the words of the song.  Here is my current Spotify piano playlist:

As you will notice, I have quite a few pieces from video games.  Music from the Final Fantasy Series, especially Final Fantasy X, is quite possibly some of the most beautifully inspiring music I have ever experienced in my life.  The visuals that the songs create are vivid and magical.  Combining them with Piano renditions of My Chemical Romance, Phantom of the Opera, and other hit music, provides enough variety to cater to any situation my writing might enthrall me in.

When I listen to music, I am not necessarily listening to the beat, the rhythm, the chorus, etc...  Instead, I listen to the story the song tells.  I am an avid fan of my area's local music scene, and am always excited at the chance to sit back and listen to their sounds.  I also have a few friends that do not live near me, but are fantastic musicians.  Two, for example, have inspired me more than they know.

One of them has taken his musical obsession and made a teaching career out of it.  I have a few of his cover songs recorded, and listen to them often while driving through town.  His love for the art has inspired various ideas for future stories.

The other, I feel does not realize his true potential or how inspiring his original piano compositions are.  He writes from the heart and embeds his life's soul into his compositions.  The feelings that he inserts tug at your heart and essence.  It is a fantastic feeling.

For me, music is emotion.  Music is feeling.  Music is all of the senses molded into one true form.  That is why I immerse myself into the melodic sounds while writing, and use those feelings to blur into my writing.

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