Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Expansions, Not Limitations

This past weekend, I found an Open Anthology.  What I love about Anthologies is that they give you guidelines, and you create your vision from those guidelines.  The end result is a collection of short stories that are all so beautifully different, despite following the same guidelines.

This anthology is a bit different than any I have contributed to.  Each submission can only be 100 words.  No more, no less.  That is the only rule, other than having a horror theme.  Many would be discouraged by the 100 word limitation.  I was excited.

To me, 100 words is not a limitation.  In fact, it is more of an expansion of my mind.  creating a short story out of 100 words is not an easy task.  You have to be creative, descriptive, and yet hold back enough detail to stay within the limit.  What could be a better writing exercise?

As I was writing my submission, I started thinking about limitations.  Pictured above is on of my dogs.  She is a Chihuahau/Rat Terrier Mix and she is small.  You would think that her size would limit her.  It doesn't.  Despite her size, she give the biggest dog hugs and kisses, she has the biggest bark, and is the biggest bitch.  Her size has not limited her, in fact it has inspired her to be the biggest dog in the house.  Did I mention the other two dogs are Huskies?  She is their queen and they her court.

Many times, we face limitations in our lives and we hide in their boundaries where we feel safe and protected.  Unfortunately, that gets us nowhere.  When faced with limitations, I feel that we should take the opportunity to expand upon them.

When I was faced with the 100 word limit, I took the challenge and went with it.  I followed the guidelines, wrote my story and submitted it.  I will admit that I am not real happy with my submission, but I will not let that limit me.  I have a couple of other ideas that I plan on typing out and submitting.  Whether I am accepted for the publication, or not, I am satisfied knowing that I did not let a limitation cage me in.

Have you ever been faced with a limitation, that you expanded into something fantastic?

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