Thursday, January 24, 2013

DNA Data Storage: Have We Been Wrong?

I read an article today that says a single gram of DNA can hold about 2.2 Million Gigabytes of information, the equivalent of about 468,000 DVDs.  What is more amazing is that converting the binary code of existing data to trinary code consisting of 1s and 0s and 2s is not all that difficult.

Okay, I admit that the whole process is way over my head.  However, my curiosity took over at the findings.  What if we have been thinking about how our minds work in the wrong way?  What if our DNA is where our memories are stored, and our brain is the mechanism that processes that data?

If our DNA does hold the data that we have accumulated since birth, who is to say that the information is not passed on to our offspring?  Think about it, a baby cat knows instinctively to find its way to its mother's nipple to survive.  As it grows, it knows that it must hunt and eat.  Many would say that those are just instincts and that every living organism must rely on those instincts to survive.  I can agree, but those instincts must have been coded into our memories somehow.

Compare it to a new computer, when you boot it up for the first time, how does it know to boot?  Somewhere down the line, the operating system was installed.  That operating system told the computer to boot.  Could our operating system be installed in our DNA?

obviously, I am not a scientist.  However, if I am correct, it would possible explain past life phenomenons and Deja Vu.  It is very possible that our ancestor's memories were passed on to us via DNA, and those that experience past life memories are actually accessing that data that had been hidden for so long.  Deja Vu could be experienced when you encounter a similar scenario that an ancestor played out in their days.

Could this be taken a step further to those with psychiatric disorders?  Maybe those with multiple personalities have a brain malfunction in which their mind cannot distinguish between their own life and the memories if their ancestors?  If this is true, how were they able to access so much information within their DNA when a "normal" human cannot?

Keep in mind, these are just quick thoughts that have come to mind while reading the article.  Stories like this one always get my imagination stirring and consummate the beginnings of new book ideas.  I think I will store this one away in the depths of my DNA in hopes of recalling a spectacular horror/sci-fi novel out of it.

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