Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: Thanks and Remembrance To Those That Serve Us

As I sit here at my keyboard on this cold and rainy Memorial day, Sipping my my thick black coffee, I cannot help but feel safe a d secure inside of my humble abode. My cat, Spike, just rubbed past my leg meowing that she would like for me to fill her food dish. Outside, my husky Castiel vocalizes his desire to come in to his soft bed. Our other two dogs are fast asleep in the bedrooms, as are my Wife and kids. Since today is a day off of school and work, they all took advantage of sleeping in. As I sit here, relaxing, anticipating some time with my family today, as well as some time to work on my novel, I cannot help but to think how easy our life is despite any challenges that might arise from the dark corners of the world.

Without those that served on behalf of our wonderful country, who knows what life would be like for me and my family today. Would any of us have even been born? Would my wife and I even have met? Would I have the option of free speech to even begin to write a novel of my own design, or even this little article? Without those that dedicated their lives to keep not only our country safe, but also far off lands that were unfamiliar to them, our world would be a much different place.

Today I give thanks to all of the service men and women that not only risked their lives and well being, but also their hearts and souls and blood, sweat, and tears, to keep us safe from those that wish to do us harm. I give thanks to those that fought for America to separate itself from England's rule, to those soldiers of today that continue that very fight to keep Lady Liberty standing tall. I give thanks to the soldiers of all walks of life, and those that know fight for foreign nations that might not share their same beliefs and/or religions...not because they are forced to, but because they realize that America is a melting pot of all religions, races, beliefs, etc... I give thanks to the soldiers that realize and accept that a group of those that might want to hurt us, regardless of race, religion, beliefs, etc..., do not define an entire nation or culture, and put aside their dislike or hate for the enemy in order to help those that do not share the same beliefs.

Our military, regardless of the branch they had dedicated their lives to in the past, present, or future, deserve our thanks today, and everyday. Take time out of your fun filled day to thank those that have served, and those that plan to serve, but don't let it stop there. Give thanks to those same people everyday. And don't forget to do your part on a local level as well. Help someone in need, share the American spirit with someone not from here, Help protect your neighborhood with a watch program. These little things may seem insignificant, yet they allow the troops and veterans to focus on much bigger issues, rather than splitting their time.

To all of the troops, that have come and gone, and wish to be, I salute you.


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