Thursday, September 15, 2011

discussions of facebook

There has been some discussion in my house lately about Facebook: the drama it causes, the old Friends found, the gossip that evolves, and insanity of stalking those you would have never reached out to in your past.

Facebook is very much like a Forrest. There are distinct paths that most people follow. These are where their true friends reside. There are many different paths for different groups. One Path might lead to Family, another School friends, another work friends, and so on... Eventually some of us travel off of the path. We start to add our Favorite actors and bands. then people that we really do not know at all, but they know some of our friends, so it seems OK. After a while the Forrest becomes overgrown with weeds and rotting overgrowth.

 Some people take a drastic approach and start a fire that destroys the Forrest, just so they can grow it again.  Others take the time to trim the weeds and clean the overgrowth. 
 Why do we put ourselves through the drama of Facebook?  Not to sound too cliche, but when I was a kid, we actually went out side to meet with friends.  We would play under the clouds.  We would gossip, we would joke, and just have fun.  Now the same happens, but in a virtual world with real people.  The jokes get meaner and nastier.  friendships are lost, and others "virtually" gained. 

Whether we like it or not, Facebook is here to stay.  It is the new playground for people of all ages.  As the old parks collect trash and debris, as the weeds grow out of control, life still goes on.  It just happens at a faster pace and with less face to face interaction. 

Can we live without Facebnook?  Of course we can....but will we?  No one asks for a website address anymore, they ask for their facebook page.  No one asks for your phone number anymore, they ask for your facebook page.  I guess my family discussions around facebook are here to stay.  My kids will have the same talks with their kids and so on and so on. It has become a way of life...

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