Sunday, September 11, 2011

Memories of Today's Past

Much like the clouds in the sky, the significance and sadness of this day will fade.  Like a passing storm, the damage will be repaired, the debris cleaned and the memories will fade. 

I still remember the day.  I was off of work, with hopes of sleeping in.  My youngest daughter, all but three months old, decided she was hungry.  I dragged myself out of bed hoping I wouldn't wake my wife.  I carried my daughter to the living room to feed her and catch up on the daily news.  While flipping the channels my attention was held captive by the smoke that billowed from the first tower.

As I sit there holding my daughter in my arms I could only think about the many souls inside that would never again be able to hold their children as I was.  I was about to wake my wife to alert her of the tragic news but she had woke up on her own.  She stood there in front of the T.V. watching in horror as the second plane hit the second building.

Like old trees watching over the Forrest, struck by lightening, the giants tumbled as the flames consumed their structures.  I shamefully remember thinking that the Towers were going to collapse.  Soon after they did.  My heart sank as the word of more hijacked planes were out there.  I did not worry that my house would be a target.  But there are places nearby that might be; the Hummer Plant, Notre Dame, Cook Nuclear Plant, and more.

As we sit there watching the events unfold, we decided to get out of the house and take our minds off of the events.  Both of our Daughters were too young to understand.  We decided to take them out to Chuck E Cheeses and clear our minds.

As we drove there, the streets were eerily silent.  Only the bells and buzzes of the children's game area could be heard in the restaurant.  I honestly don't remember if we were the only Family there or if there were more.  If there were others, I didn't notice them.

When we left, there seemed to be more life in the city.  Lines crowded the gas stations as people panicked for the worst.  We hurried home fearing that more had happened as we were out.  Nothing more had happened though.  We decided to stay in that night and relax as a Family.

The next morning we woke up, went to work and completed the normal routine.  Life went on for us.  I almost feel guilty typing "life went on".  Many people did not have that luxury.

I did not wake up today in mourning for those that lost.  Instead I slept in as I had hoped to on that same day ten years ago.  When I awoke, had two cups of coffee, read the paper, checked out Facebook, then played poker on Facebook.  In my own little way I was telling the Terrorists that regardless of what they do, my life has continued.

Each year that passes, the significance of this day will be less.  It will be a day we celebrate in honor of those who lost their lives.  But as we get older and those who were just born, or not born at all, get older the details will get foggy.  And the memories of the event will only be known through news-clips and photos. 

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