Thursday, September 8, 2011

figuring out the beginning

I had really hoped to blog each day about the insignificant happenings of my everyday life.  Somehow after day one I had already lost. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about my place in this world.  What I dreamed of as a child and where I ended up.  Although I am rather happy with my life, it seems that I could be much more than I am.  I a Wife that I love more than anything in the World.  My Kids are awesome in many ways.  I have a fairly good job.  My house is not perfect, but we put our own little stamp on it.  Sure, we may not be rich with money, but are a Family. 

I have always wanted to write a novel.  Over the years I have thought of many ideas that I want to put into words.  I am having trouble picking one particular genre though.  I have been thinking lately about the ideas floating in my head, and I believe that although each story is a different genre, I can probably intermingle the characters and events.  Each story will be stand alone, however fans of the books will be able to recognize some of the characters as they read each new book.  A character that would have a minor or insignificant role in one story, might be a main character in another.  I have the ending planned out.  Now, I just need to figure out the beginning. 

I keep telling myself that on the weekends I will write.  Maybe a chapter a weekend.  But when the time comes, I either get too busy on something else, or think my way out of it.  I am hoping that this blog will bring me the inspiration I need to start the writing that I have longed to accomplish. I do not expect to gain many followers, or any at all.  But if you are out there, please let me know what you think.  Maybe as I continue the blog, I will post snippets of the works I am creating.

For now I should get back to work...

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