Friday, July 26, 2013

Knight Stalkers, A Contest, And Some Amazing Reads!

Are you a Knight Stalker?  Maybe you are, or maybe you have not had the opportunity to become one.  Now is your chance!

Being a Knight Stalker is fairly easy, you just need to love a good horror book, and share your passion with others around you, oh...and liking SB Knight would not hurt!

SB Knight is the author of such books as Born of Blood, Drago's Revenge, and Demathia Rising (Click the links at the bottom to find out more about these works of genius).  He is also the Author of Game of Straws, which is currently free on Amazon (Kindle).  You can also get a free kindle version of his book Sampler, which contains the first three chapters of
Born of Blood, Drago's Revenge, and Demathia Rising! (link Below).  The freebies only last from July 26th through July 29th, so be sure to act fast!  You can also like his facebook Page (highly recommended) and leave a comment there, or on his blog, or even his Youtube channel, to be entered for a prize!  The prizes will be announces on his Facebook page soon.  Just leave my name in the comment to qualify for the prize!

So, other than writing some amazing books, what is so special about SB Knight?  Well, for starters, he is an overall amazing guy that cares about his isn't right, because his fans are actually friends to him.  So, you don't get to be just another fan, you get to be his friend.  He is very active with his Knight Stalkers, and shows his appreciation in many ways.  When you become a Knight Stalker, you are not joining a fan-club, you are finding a group of friends with similar interests.  It isn't often that you find an Author that is willing to get to know his fans on a personal basis, let alone respond back to a question or comment.  His interactions have made me a fan for life, and someone I look up to. 

Go ahead and check out his books below, download the two that are currently free for the Kindle, and purchase the others, because you know they will be good!

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