Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Waiting is the Hardest Part...


Just the sound of the word sends shivers down my spine.  It conjures swirls of stress and shadows of doubt. 

In short, I hate waiting. 

Whenever I submit a short story for publication, I feel anxious.  I feel excited.  I feel accomplished.  But those feelings are often short lived.  Once I submit a story, I start to second guess myself.  Did I proof read enough, did I format correctly, did I attach the document to the submission email? 

Maybe I am a closet perfectionist?

Many of my short stories are written on a whim.  The thought comes to me and I just go with it.  I am always happy about the outcome.  The problem is the waiting.  I am usually fine up until the date of final submission.  Then I get antsy.  I start to think about my story, and how it could improve.  Many times, it morphs into something different in my mind.  Something better. 


As the gears spin, I find that a a better story develops.  Many times, a story that is much more in depth and epic.  The birth of a novel, possibly?

I find that many of my short stories eventually find themselves as introductions to something much bigger. 

Currently, I have a couple stories awaiting acceptance/rejection.  I find myself stalking their Facebook pages, obsessively checking my emails, and sneaking around their blogs, in hopes of a surprise announcement that I might have missed. 

Whether rejected, or accepted, I am okay with the outcome.  The short story that I created can become so much more with a little nurture and love.  So why am I so anxious?  I guess I just don't like to wait. 

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