Monday, February 18, 2013

Self Discipline: Smell the Death in the Air

Last week, or maybe the week before...the days seem to blend together, I uploaded a short story for an online contest at  Honestly, I submitted a rough draft.  I felt a bit bad, and had actually forgotten about it until a couple reviews came in.  Both were very helpful, although one really ripped my story apart.  

So, once I received notification of the reviews, I took the time to complete some light editing.  Nothing major, just editing some duplication  removing some of the bazillion "the" occurrences  and other minor edits.  I still feel it is a bit raw, but haven't had a lot of time to complete more edits.  So, after three minor revisions, it is sitting there waiting to be critiqued and praised.  I have received some of both, and am very happy with the feedback.  If you would like to view it and give it a thumbs up (hint, hint), you can visit the link below:  

Now, as I have said before, I love these little writing contests, as well as Anthologies.  So far I am published in two anthologies, the third is due out sometime in March, I have on more being reviewed  another being reviewed for possible transformation into comic book form (if accepted), and three that were limited to 100 words that are still under review.  These short stories keep my creative juices flowing in between working on my novels.

As for my novels...well, I have three that I am working on, and a fourth I want to start.  If only I had the self discipline to focus on them.  It seems that the best time for me is on the weekends, yet there is so much to accomplish during those short two days...

Every weekend, I tell myself that I will find the time, yet I fail.  This last weekend, I actually had the time but instead tried out a new drawing program on my computer and while experimenting, I drew the picture above.      The time spent on the picture, and not on my writing, is an example of my self discipline dying right in front of me.  

Although I am happy to publish short stories, Write for Infendo and Nerdzy, and have a fairly active web presence, I really hope to find the focus to finish one of my novels.  Until then, Enjoy my picture of the Evil Jester taunting the Pumpkin Thief, and please give my LitReactor short a read and thumbs up.

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