Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marvel Superhero to Marry His Longtime Boyfriend

Marvel Comics has always had a flair for taking on Civil Rights issues that seem to overpower society.  The multitude of Mutants that grace the pages of our favorite titles are representative of the many minorities that populate our own world.  They are victims of hate crimes, racial slurs, derogatory degradation, and at times even forced into slavery.

What I love about Marvel is that they do not claim the world to be perfect.  There are problems that cannot always be solved.  Amongst the pages their Heroes, and their background characters, get hurt both physically and emotionally.  There are times that the pure emotion of their situation drives them insane with hate and sadness.  There are times that the pain becomes a plague that causes them to do the unthinkable.  However, in the end, the heroes (not always the ones with super powers) come together as a team and do their best to help out those in need.  We have seen this many times when even a villain is in need,  how many times has Magneto been saved by the X-Men?

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