Friday, October 14, 2011

Sleepy Morning with my Thoughts

I know it has been a short while since my last attempt at writing.  I am getting ready to start my work day here at my desk.  My motivation is just not here today.  I have plenty to keep me busy but would much rather be home in bed.  The weather outside is chilly and rainy, the dark clouds linger as if not moving at all.  The lights are off in my office so that I may preserver the bit of darkness that remains in the day. 

I think that I will take it easy this weekend.  There are a few chores that I need to complete outside, but other than that, I will relax.  Maybe play some video games, maybe start to write a bit.  Not really sure though, I guess we will see where the days take me. 

Well, that is all i have for now.  Sorry the post is so short. 

oh yeah, I see that I am approaching 100 views!  Please feel free to comment with what you like about my blog and what you hate.  I still do not know which direction this is going to take, so any feedback will be great!

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