Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown - A New Graphic Novel

Giant monsters summon visions of larger than life battles, accompanied by unfathomable destruction, and an unlikely hero saving the day.  Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown gives us a glimpse of the chaos that is to come and does not disappoint!

The story begins with Kodoja, a genetically created bio-weapon, escaping from his hibernation chamber.  The creature weapon is programmed for a battle simulation, and he won't back down until the threat is gone.

The debut issue, of the five part series, introduces us to the humongous threat known as Kodoja and the destruction he intends to cause.  The city erupts in chaos as the powers that be struggle to figure out a way to stop the beast.

 "What happens when the ultimate weapon turns against us, and that weapon happens to be a 20 story tall kaiju monster?

The story centers on Kodoja, a kaiju-sized bio-weapon hibernated three years by a special division of the government (Special Weapons) for being too powerful.This morning, Kodoja was awakened from hibernation, cutting a swath of destruction in doing so – and now Special Weapons scrambles to stop the unstoppable weapon they helped create.

Two giant monsters are better than one! As the world scrambles to stop Kodoja, a second monster appears on the scene, tying in with some HP Lovecraft-style strangeness bubbling up around the world. Both monsters head to Terror Mountain, leading up to a massive monster vs monster battle - a fight among the skyscrapers that will *only* level the city... if we're lucky."
Although the first issue does not introduce us to Kodoja directly, the suspense as we await his next move is well worth the wait.  We see him in action, but we do not get to see his true emotion and personality that lives beneath the calculated rage.The characters, such as Major General Jennifer Cruz, are realistic and dynamic enough encourage you to take sides within the first few pages.

Keith Foster, the creator of the series, has brought new life to the giant monster genre and is sure to breath new life into Godzilla-esque genre, possibly providing readers with a version of the giant monster that towers above any of the newer movie incarnations of the most infamous of the humongous monsters- even the one from the newest movie.

Rory Smith's artwork is gritty, raw, and insanely beautiful in its composition.  It captures the chaos that is about to ensue on perfect detail and captures the movement of the action with precise fluidity.
If you are sick of the run of the mill gigantic monster vs Godzilla remakes and rehashes, check out Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown and fall in love with giant monsters all over again!

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