Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Evil Jester Presents

I originally shared "Evil Jester Presents" with everyone when they were still hoping to raise the funds to make this horror filled graphic novel a reality.  As I shared back then, the folks at Evil Jester Comics not only reached their goal, but exceeded it.

Today, after driving an hour and a half home from work due to slippery roads and snail paced traffic, I found that my copy of the ling awaited comic was sitting upon my laptop waiting for me to dig in.  Carefully, I opened the envelope and gasped at the beauty of the cover.  I have collected a lot of comics in my time, and never have I seen such a breathe taking front cover.  I had seen pictures on the internet, especially Facebook, but to have it in my hands was an experience all its own.

Inside, I found that the stories and art were just as astounding.  Leading with Jack Ketchum's "The Box" introduced us to the level of work that "Evil Jester Presents" has in store for us.  I was immediately intrigued and felt a lump in my throat when finished.  It was scary, yet carried a heavy dose of emotion to play upon my fears.  Joe McKinney's "Swallowed" was not only visually stunning, both in words and pictures, but left me wanting more, in a good way.  I would love to see an entire comic built around his story alone.  "Small World", by William F. Nolan is a heart wrenching post apocalyptic tale of one man's survival.  It also reminded me to fear my kids when the apocalypse rears its ugly head.  Finally, "Like Part of the Family", by Jonathan Mayberry, rounds out the four tales with a new spin on the classic monsters.

Although the four authors are the shining stars within the pages, we cannot forget those that are hidden within the credits.  Eduardo Alpuente (Art Consultant), Joseph Siglio (Designer), Felix Ruiz (Logo & Title Design), Richard P. Clark (Front Cover Art), Aric Sundquist (Staff Writer and Reader), Charles Day (Publisher), and Taylor Grant (Publisher and Deaditor-in-Chief, Art Director, and Staff Writer), were all just as essential to the debut issue of Evil Jester Presents, and earn an applause all the same. 

If you are a fan of Horror, Art, Comics, or just a good story, click the picture below to order your copy today!

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