Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: David Dean's The Thirteenth Child

When I was given the opportunity to review David Dean's The Thirteenth Child, I was a little giddy to get my hands on the book.  The cover alone was enough to draw me in, it is fantastic!

When I pre-read some reviews, as I anxiously awaited my copy, I was surprised to see praise form Lisa Morton, one of my heroes in the world of horror.  Needless to say, her acceptance of the novel made me want to read it more.  So, when it finally arrived at my doorstep, I ensured that I had some time set aside to dig in.

Although I was not able to read it on one weekend as I had planned, I was anxious for my time to free up and allow me to continue on through the magnificent storytelling inside.  Not only was the storyline believable, but the characters came to life upon the pages, and the creature called Gabriel was more realistic than many of the beasts I have read about in the past.  David Dean pulled off a wonderful feat when he created the words upon each page.  I can only hope I match a fraction of his talent when I finish my first book soon!

"Police Chief Nick Catesby is haunted by the unsolved disappearance of a young boy from his small, peaceful New Jersey town seven years before. The nightmare begins anew when a little girl goes missing, followed quickly by two teenaged boys. Nick has only one suspect, disgraced professor and town drunk Preston Howard, whose arrogance has left him with nothing more than his pride, a sea of whiskey, and his only daughter, with whom Nick is falling in love. Preston insists that he is not a suspect but a witness to a strange and terrifying boy who only appears between dusk and dawn. Nick regards the story as the rantings of an alcoholic, but sightings of the boy lead to a trail of missing and murdered children going back three centuries, Nick and Preston are plunged into a race to save the children of Wessex Township—and the woman they both love."
 If you have not already picked up your copy, I strongly urge you to do so today!  If you have someone in your family that loves a good horror novel, or even a crime novel, this one is for you.

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