Saturday, September 14, 2013

Celebrate Life, Despite Grieving the Loss

Too many times we take for granted the people and places around us, without giving a second thought to the impact that they have made.  We all have at least one of those people in our lives, but usually fail to show our appreciation towards their compassion until it is too late.  Whether it be due to not knowing how to show our gratitude, maybe the person would rather not be glorified for something they deem to be a part of their duty, or our busy lives just prevent us from devoting the time to show our thanks, deep down we know that there is more we can do to celebrate those that impact our lives.

Today, my wife and I heard news of the passing of one of those individuals.  He has helped us through difficult times via various means, and never once allowed us to return the favor.  He was, and still is, a very respectable man within our community, and has built a legacy that I hope can maintain its existence despite his passing.

He leaves behind an amazing family, which not only includes his wife and kids, but also his employees, the patrons that found comfort within his club, and the many bands that serenaded the venue throughout the years.

I know that most of you reading this will not know this man, although his impact on many has been far reached.  For those that do know the fantastic man that has made an impact, I urge you to not only grieve his loss, but more importantly celebrate his life.


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