Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Blah

The Holidays are upon us once again.  It seems as though this year, I am ready for them, but it still does not feel like Christmas.  The weather is warmer that normal, and there is no longer any snow on the ground.  Sure our tree is up and presents have been bought, but I can't seem to find the spirit of the holidays.

This year, as well as the recent past years, There has been the constant debate about whether to call this the "Holidays" or "Christmas Time".  Personally, I could care less.  It is the Christmas season, it is also the Hanukkah Season, Kwanzaa Season and the Fesitvus Season.

I think that as the Human Race, we should be considerate of all religions during this and every time of the year. I do not believe that as a people we should generalize the season to "Happy Holidays", however we should give the greeting of our religion, unless we know the preference of the receiving person.  I would find it more of an insult for the person to assume that I am something that I may not be, rather than greet me in their traditional manner.  It is almost an honor to be greeted in their manner.

I won't go on more about the matter, just because it seems to be a sore patch in the minds of some people.  However, please feel free to share your views in the comments below.

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