Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review: "Salomé" - A Fantasy/Science Fiction Novel by J. Valor & S. Pryce

"Salomé" - A Fantasy/Science Fiction Novel by J. Valor & S. Pryce is a fantastic read with with many layers weaved within its pages.  The story is well crafted and thought out, leaving the reader anticipating what will happen next.

"In a future world where technology co-exists with magic, an orphaned princess must discover the source of her own power to save the people from her tyrant uncle the Archlord.

Salomé is an epic tale of love, betrayal and redemption. Salomé, the new fantasy sci-fi novel from J. Valor & S. Pryce, takes the reader on adventure from the Middle East to all corners of the ten Domains of a dystopian future world.

Two Messengers from a world of Light come to Earth in human form and unwittingly become entangled in the web of an ancient Prophecy whose fulfillment could free humanity from oppression.

Awakened to her destiny, Salome must renounce life as a princess to challenge her tyrant uncle and the ten Magnates who threaten to subjugate not only this world, but also the mystical Homeworld from whence she and her Beloved have come.

What price must the Lovers pay for the freedom of both worlds?"

When I began reading, I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about how I would feel about it as a whole.  I started reading it believing it would be a Young Adult novel, and although it was meant to be, I think the tone lends it to a more mature audience at times. One of the lines in the first chapter dealt with nakedness and breasts, hinting at a sexual activity that was taking place.  After reading the first chapter, I felt that maybe I was not giving it a fair chance, so I reread the chapter from an adult perspective instead of a YA perspective.  The tone seemed appropriate and I was able to absorb myself into the pages.  

The book is split into four parts, Elijah: Birth and Death, Salomé: The awakening, The Journey, and Saba Rising.  Each part has its own individual chapters.  Within the book there is quite a bit of Hebrew text, which is translated within to help the reader understand what is being said.  I loved the layer that the additional language added, allowing the reader to think as he or she is reading through and experiencing the characters as though they are living and breathing beings.  

"Salomé" is an addicting read that should immediately be added to any sci-fi/fantasy must read list.  Be sure to visit the book's Amazon and Goodreads page to leave your review, to let J. Valor and S. Pryce know how much you enjoyed the book!

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